For RADSTAR Corner Rounding Inserts

Start at a higher speed and a lower feed to avoid initial insert failure. In mild steel, starting SFM should be 500-600 using coated inserts, 250-300 SFM using uncoated inserts.

When cutting stainless maintain chip load, however, SFM should be reduced by approximately 30%. When cutting aluminum, wood, or graphite, maintain chip load, however, SFM can be doubled and in some cases tripled. Feed and speed rates should be adjusted down to compensate for poor machine and set-up conditions.

Chip Load Per Tooth (RADSTAR is a two-fluted insert)

 .500 series


.750 series


1.000 series


1.250 series


1.750 series




For RADSTAR Spot Drill

Testing performed with the 90-degree spot drill was performed in 4140, 1018, and aluminum to spot a 1.0" diameter hole:

  • In 4140 @360 SFM with a chip load of .0015 per revolution.
  • In 1018 @400 SFM with a chip load of .003 per revolution.
  • In aluminum at maximum machine capabilities @750 SFM with a chip load of .003 per revolution with spindle RPM at maximum of 10,000
The customer testing the tools claimed after using the RADSTAR spot drill, his holes had finally eliminated out-of-roundness, were straighter, and chatter had disappeared.